Good Low Country Natural Virginia for sale


Low Country’s Natural Virginia & Oriental: A touch of Turkish leaf complements a generous measure of old belt red Virginia, making for a sweet, complex smoke rich in floral notes and spice for sale.

Low Country Natural Virginia for Sale


Low Country Natural Virginia for Sale

we have Low Country Natural Virginia    Low Country premium pipe tobacco made in USA Loose or tinned pipe tobacco orders- minimum 1100 g total. You are welcome to mix pipe tobacco brands and flavors as desired if you meet our minimum order weight.

Free shipping! They are meticulously hand-blended, drawing inspiration from the distinctive coastal landscapes landmarks and waterways. These blends pay tribute to the rich tobacco heritage of the North and South Carolina Lowcountry, and they offer an exceptional ion tailored for the discerning tobacco connoisseur.

With careful construction and formulation, our mixtures capture the essence of this region, delivering a unique experience for tobacco enthusiasts. Low Country Natural Virginia for sale

Low Country: Natural Virginia

The tobacco came at a good level of hydration for me. It is a mix of tans in a medium ribbon. There are some irregular chopped bits, but it is really a short ribbon.

Smoked, this is lightly sweet, and it is a pleasant smoke without much “wow.” In terms of all the standard Virginia adjectives, it is a little grassy with a tart edge you approach and never quite get to. It was an easy smoke and was easy to repeat. It did not burn hot or require a lot of relights.

I have no regrets, but this did not punch any buttons for me. I can believe it would make a good mixer. I can also believe it would make a great tobacco to “tone” and extend blends that are too strong for you in terms of topping or nicotine.


Low Country Natural Virginia for sale


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